Battle for the Fate Of Konor at Your Geek House!

What is Galaxy in Flames: Fate of Konor?

Fate of Konor is a global Warhammer 40,000 campaign supported by this interactive website, where players and hobbyists (that’s you!) will decide the fate of a vital Imperial system. The campaign will be running from July 27th to September 10th, and you can take part in two ways:

  • By building and painting new units for your Warhammer 40,000 collection.
  • By playing games of Warhammer 40,000.

The units you paint and the games you play will matter like never before, as the results reported to your local store influence which side of the war is winning each week and, eventually, the final outcome of the campaign – for good or ill…

The campaign will take place over a period of six weeks, during which you will be fighting over six very different planets in the Konor System: Astaramis, Loebos, Drenthal, Vanitor, Konor and Nethamus. Each week, one of these planets will be at the centre of the battles in the campaign, and at the end of that week, it will be controlled by either the forces of the Imperium or the hosts of Chaos.

Every planet will have its own unique story, mission and Stratagems, which will be determined by what has gone on previously in the campaign. This means that your games over the weeks will be varied and challenging, and there will be everything to play for right up until the final week!

Each planet will also have a related narrative theme. If you follow that theme, and use the unit types appropriate to that week’s narrative (listed below), they will earn you double points for each newly painted unit that you bring into the store and for each victory you have while using those themed units in your army.

These themes are:

• Week 1: Start Collecting!
• Week 2: Elites
• Week 3: Vehicles
• Week 4: Psykers
• Week 5: Fast Attack and Flyers
• Week 6: Terrain and Lords of War

So, for example, if you paint up a new Land Raider for Week 3 – you’ll get double the points. If you use that Land Raider in a game that you win that week, you’ll also receive double the points for the victory as well!

Registering Your Results and Winning the Campaign

Once you’ve played your games or painted your new units, you’ll need to register your results in-store.

Here on the website, you’ll find a handy Store Finder which will help you find the nearest locations where you can register results. You can register new results in different stores over the course of the campaign but you can only register each individual victory or completed painted unit once.

Victories for the forces of Chaos will lead to the worlds of the Konor System becoming infected and corrupted, while Imperial victories will drive back the spread of contagion and halt the traitor advance.

“But what about us xenos players?!” we hear you ask. Fear not – xenos armies play a really important part in the campaign, as their victories can take points away from Imperial or Chaos forces, representing the xenos forces disrupting the war effort on both fronts. So, if Chaos is winning in your area, and you want to stop them, you can. Or, if the Imperium pulls ahead and you want to redress the balance, you can swap sides half way through the campaign! Typical treacherous xenos…

Regardless of your allegiance, once your results are reported to your local store and inputted into the campaign system, the campaign will be updated in real time on this interactive website. This means you can always see which side has the advantage and know when you need to battle all the harder to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

That’s it!

March for Macragge, or let the galaxy burn – we don’t mind, so long as you have a great time.

The Konor System

The Fate of Konor campaign takes place in the Ultima Segmentum. Konor is one of the principle systems of the sub-empire of Ultramar, and it has long been a jewel in the crown of the Imperium. As the newly resurgent legions of Chaos launch their attacks across the Imperium, they turn their corrupted eyes greedily towards these industrious planets. Leading this attack against Ultramar are the relentless and plague-swollen warriors of the Death Guard, and their infected hordes of mutants, monsters and worse. Against them stand the Ultramarines and the swiftly mobilised armies of nearby Imperial worlds – each Imperial defender is ready to halt the invaders’ advance or die in the attempt.

The scene is set, the battle lines are drawn. The war for the Konor System dawns.

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