Turtle Beach Elite 800 Headphones
Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Headphones

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Sipping the finest champagne on your private yacht in the Caribbean, the ocean breeze tousling your hair, your sunglasses shielding your eyes from the sea salt spray of the waves. Throwing back the double doors to your penthouse loft at the end of a long, productive day and stepping onto the balcony with its commanding 80-story view of the bustling metropolis below you. You inhale deeply, then exhale with satisfaction. Sitting down to your table at the poshest restaurant in town, in a corner reserved only for someone as exquisitely important as you. Grinding hard in your favorite game and destroying everyone in sight, the world receded far into the background since Active Noise Cancellation and Superhuman Hearing are enabled on your fully wireless headset with plush memory-foam ear cups, while connected to your phone making preparations for your next massive soirée, and streaming the latest album from the greatest recording artist of the century, which they produced only for you. The world at your finely manicured fingertips.

This is but a sampling of what defines the elite. Of what defines you.

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