Turtle Beach Recon 50 Headphones
Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Recon 50 Headphones

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The greatest champions, of games and sports near and far, will all agree to one tenet: it’s the basics that got them to the top. Hundreds to thousands of hours of endless repetition, honing and refining the skills that define the building blocks of their chosen game. Before becoming the fastest human alive, you’ve got to have immaculate running form. Before consistently banging out consecutive killstreaks, you better learn to effortlessly line up those headshots first.

And so, the Recon 50. All those extra frills, sure they can be nice. But there’s something to be said for picking up a headset in your hands, plugging it in, and knowing that it’s just going to work. And work well. Game audio? Check. Your friends screaming obscenities at you? Check. You screaming right back at them as your neighbors cower in their bathroom listening in terror? Double check.

So class, go pick up the Recon 50 for PC, and let’s get back to basics.

Audio Connection - 3.5mm or 2x3.5mm (Headphone/Mic)
Speaker Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz
Speakers - 40mm Speakers
Microphone Design -Removable Omni-Directional Microphone with Foam Cover
Headband/Earpad Material -Synthetic Leather
Earcup Design - Over-Ear

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